‘Shakespeare in Tokyo’ Sets an Example for Inclusive Filmmaking

Not all of us are the type to explore a new country by ourselves. But imagine if the world thought you couldn’t? Recent short film Shakespeare in Tokyo follows a man thrust into Japan’s exciting metropolis and promptly told to stay in his hotel room — for fear he might endanger himself because of his Down syndrome.

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Female: Genevieve Clay-Smith

Bus Stop Films and Taste Creative are proud to bring home the Australian premiere of Shakespeare in Tokyo – a short film that follows an artist and Shakespeare fan with Down syndrome on his solo adventure through Japan’s bustling capital.

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The Squiz: Three Minute Squiz With… Genevieve Clay-Smith

GenevieveClay-Smith is a writer, film director, Squizer and all-round excellent person. She is the founder and CEO of Bus Stop Films, a not-for-profit organisation that has put inclusion in the film industry front and centre. In 2015 she was named NSW Young Australian of the Year. Here, Genevieve puts down her night cheese long enough to tackle the Three Minute Squiz.

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Cause Artist: How Social Change-Makers Are Creating A Better World Through Inclusive Film-Making

Inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of life is critical.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, as I am currently living in Cambodia where ‘disability’ is still very taboo. Many people have limited understandings of what different disabilities are, why they happen, what it means for the person and their family, but also what people with disabilities are capable of.

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