AdNews: A trend to watch: Oldvertising

Globally, brands are changing the way they portray seniors. Gone are the days of crippled grandmas sitting on the porch, knitting and telling children to stay away from the garden. Genevieve was asked by AdNews to give her opinion on whether brands have nailed the new trend of Oldvertising in their ads.

Medium: How to Change the World through Advertising

Diversity in marketing: Not just smart for business, a way to change the world.

It might sound like a bold and idealistic statement, but when we represent diverse people in advertising campaigns and when we challenge gender roles, we’re having an impact on society.

Film Ink: Human Rights And Filmmaking

According to acclaimed Australian filmmaker, Genevieve Clay-Smith, movies don’t just have to entertain, they can be a positive force for change as well, as evidenced by the titles on display at the upcoming Human Rights Arts And Film Festival.

B&T: Storytelling is it all just buzz?

In this guest post, Aussie writer, film director and content creator at Taste Creative, Genevieve Clay-Smith (pictured below), takes a look at storytelling that works and explains the reasons why…