AdNews: A trend to watch: Oldvertising

July 2017

By Daisy Doctor

Now, this exhausted and marginalising stereotype is being challenged by a new type of advertising: oldvertising.

Here’s what Marcel Sydney creative director Bridget Jung, Publicis Groupe MD Simone Waugh and Taste co-founder Genevieve Clay-Smith think of commercials featuring full-bodied, energetic older people.

Jung: “Including seniors is an important first step in a more diverse advertising landscape, but there’s room for this to be pushed further and to challenge stereotypes around age.”

Waugh: “It’s an interesting time for brands talking to the over−50s. The danger is making it up and showing clichés from ‘best time of life’ through to ‘rebellious time of life’.”

Clay-Smith: “I am a big advocate of media being more diverse, inclusive and deliberate in casting people of all different walks of life in campaigns.”