Op-Ed: Micro aggressions mean we need to continue celebrating women.

I was honoured to receive the National Emerging Leader Award at the Telstra Business Women’s Awards. However in the lead up to this amazing moment, I couldn’t help but reflect on some micro aggressions I had encountered nine months prior. It made me realise that awards programs which celebrate women, really are important. If it wasn’t for a female leadership program I had been a part of at the time, I would have taken these micro aggressions to heart. In this article I explore what I encountered and what the underlying messages were. I hope that anyone who reads this thinks about the stigmas which continue to haunt women in leadership and in the workplace today.

AdNews: A trend to watch: Oldvertising

Globally, brands are changing the way they portray seniors. Gone are the days of crippled grandmas sitting on the porch, knitting and telling children to stay away from the garden. Genevieve was asked by AdNews to give her opinion on whether brands have nailed the new trend of Oldvertising in their ads.