MTV: 9 young aussie filmmakers who are about to blow up

These writers, directors and producers are the Aussies who are making the film industry sit up and pay attention. We’ve teamed up with HP in their search to find the next generation of top Aussie filmmakers who bend the rules. Here we profile these nine young Australians with exceptional talent and just exactly how they’re about to hit the big time.

Nothing can be achieved alone

I’ve been totally blown away by my recent selection as one of Westpac and Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence for 2014. It’s very humbling to see my name listed amongst so many other incredible Australian women doing great work and achieving unimaginable heights. My dear friend and mentor, Wendy Simpson OAM nominated me for the honor and just to be thought of as worthy was so encouraging on it’s own. To have actually made the list – is just… wow.

Trust: a remarkable art form that leads to remarkable art

As a director I have discovered that, making great work doesn’t come down to me, at all, it comes down to the team around me and I think that the sooner a creative leader can realise that their ‘genius’ alone can’t produce mind blowing work, the better – for your blood pressure’s sake.