Under Genevieve’s leadership as CEO, Bus Stop Films takes out the 2016 Human Rights Award for Community Orangisation!

May 2017

To date Bus Stop Films has run over 240 filmmaking workshops through its accessible film studies program, and currently has a partnership with the Australian Film Television and Radio School. It’s program was incubated for five years by the Sydney Community College giving Bus Stop the opportunity and freedom to grow and develop it’s curriculum. The filmmaking program teaches film studies and includes giving students mentors from the film industry. Genevieve Clay-Smith has been at the forefront of developing the Bus Stop Films accessible film studies curriculum based on her five years of teaching film studies to people with an intellectual disability and getting incredible results.  The curriculum has been funded by the AMP Foundation, TFN and has been developed in partnership with the Australian Film Television and Radio School. It is the first of it’s kind.

“The curriculum aims to achieve specific transformational outcomes within the students and is designed to help them further develop and be educated in a topic of interest. Currently people with an intellectual disability miss out on university, they don’t get the chance to further study, this is a massive issue. These people are excluded from further developing their ideas, opinions, intellect and interest all because society has low expectations of them. We are crushing people’s potential in our society, I have seen many students flourish in our program because we give them dignity in their learning and within our teaching approach.”  Said Co-Founder and Executive Director of Bus Stop Films, Genevieve Clay-Smith