Genevieve has been nominated for best direction in a documentary series for episode 1 of season 1 of Perspective Shift. Perspective Shift was created in an effort to drive a change in attitudes toward disability in Australia by sharing real stories of people with disability told by people with disability. Attitude Foundation commissioned the series to highlight the challenges for people with disability including experiences of marginalisation and discrimination and the unique perspectives people with disability bring to their chosen field or industry. Attitude Foundation’s CEO, Angel Dixon says, “The messages shared in Perspective Shift are the tools that society needs to move forward on the path to inclusion”.

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14 July, 2020 by Jackie Keast

First-time feature directors Thomas Wright (Acute Misfortune), John Sheedy (H is for Happiness), Ben Lawrence (Hearts and Bones) and Natalie Erika James (Relic) will vie for the Australian Directors’ Guild (ADG) Award for Best Direction in a Feature Film ($1 million or over) against Sophie Hyde (Animals) and Wayne Blair (Top End Wedding).

Up in the $1 million or under category are Josephine Mackerras for Alice, Imogen Thomas for Emu Runner, Lucy Colman for Hot Mess, Luke Sullivan for Reflections In The Dust and Samuel Van Grinsven for Sequin In A Blue Room.

The ADG announced nominees for its annual awards today, with winners to be announced in Sydney at a ceremony October 19. A record 202 entries were received this year, up from 117 in 2019.

“At these challenging times, it is more important than ever that we come together as a creative community to celebrate our achievements of the past year. Australian directors are creating fine work across all forms and genres and these nominations reflect the depth of talent in this country,” said ADG executive director Diana Burnett.

The nominees for Best Direction in a Documentary Feature are Ian Darling for The Final Quarter, Maya Newell for In My Blood It Runs, Peter Hegedus for LILI and Allan Hardy for Viva The Underdogs.

Ann Dowd and Jeffrey Walker on the set of ‘Lambs of God’.

Hyde earned a second nod in the Best Direction in a TV or SVOD Series category for The Hunting – episode 4, where she will square off against Mat King for Bloom – Episode 5, Jeffrey Walker for Lambs Of God – Episode 1 and Emma Freeman for Stateless – Episode 3.

Walker has also earned two nominations, up for Best Direction in a TV or SVOD Drama Series for The Commons – Episode 1, with other nominees including Nash Edgerton for Mr. Inbetween – Episode 4 Season 2, Peter Andrikidis for Reckoning – Episode 4, Tony Krawitz for Secret City – Episode 1 Season 2, Rachel Perkins for Total Control – Episode 4 and Kevin Carlin for Wentworth – Episode 10 Season 7.

The full list of nominees:

Best Direction in a Feature Film (Budget $1M or over)

Thomas Wright – Acute Misfortune

Sophie Hyde – Animals

John Sheedy – H is for Happiness

Ben Lawrence – Hearts and Bones

Natalie Erika James – Relic

Wayne Blair – Top End Wedding


Best Direction in a Feature Film (Budget under $1M)

Josephine Mackerras – Alice

Imogen Thomas – Emu Runner

Lucy Coleman – Hot Mess

Luke Sullivan – Reflections In The Dust

Samuel Van Grinsven – Sequin In A Blue Room


Best Direction in a Documentary Feature

Ian Darling – The Final Quarter

Maya Newell – In My Blood It Runs

Peter Hegedus – LILI

Allan Hardy – Viva The Underdogs


Best Direction in a TV or SVOD Drama Series 

Jeffrey Walker – The Commons – Episode 1

Nash Edgeton – Mr. Inbetween – Episode 4 Season 2

Peter Andrikidis – Reckoning – Episode 4

Tony Krawitz – Secret City – Episode 1 Season 2

Rachel Perkins – Total Control – Episode 4

Kevin Carlin – Wentworth – Episode 10 Season 7


Best Direction in a TV or SVOD Mini-Series 

Mat King – Bloom – Episode 5

Sophie Hyde – The Hunting – Episode 4

Jeffrey Walker – Lambs Of God – Episode 1

Emma Freeman – Stateless – Episode 3


Best Direction in a Documentary Series

Rosie Jones – The Cult Of The Family – Episode 1

Cian O’Clery – Love On The Spectrum – Episode 1

Genevieve Clay Smith – Perspective Shift – Episode 1


Best Direction in a TV or SVOD Comedy Series 

Matthew Moore – Diary Of An Uber Driver – Episode 2

Amanda Brotchie – The Letdown – Episode 1

Trent O’Donnell – The Letdown – Episode 4 Season 2

Matthew Saville – Upright – Episode 5


Best Direction in a Children’s TV or SVOD Drama Program

Kacie Anning – Hardball – Episode 6

Isaac Elliot – The Legend of Burnout Barry

Lucy Gaffy – The Unlisted – Episode 10

Rebecca O’Brien – The Unlisted – Episode 13


Best Direction in a TV or SVOD Drama Serial

Renee Webster – The Heights – Episode 15

Darlene Johnson – The Heights – Episode 22

Arnie Custo – Home and Away – Episode 7117

Danny Raco – Home and Away – Episode 7225

David Gould – Home and Away – Episode 7271

Tony Gardiner – Neighbours – Episode 8325


Best Direction in an Animated Project 

Jo Boag – Alice Miranda: Friends Forever

Holly Hargraeves – Bonnie The Elephant


Best Direction in Commercial Content

Nicholas Carlton – A Future For All Of Us (Australian Greens)

Lucy Coleman – Koala Presents: Mattress (Ex)orcism (Koala Mattress)

Craig Melville – Unexpected Journeys (TBWA)

Allan Hardy – Volvo Penta Makes Australian Farming Possible (Allabah Pastural Co.)


Best Direction in Commercial Advertisement

Ven Gia – Made Here. By Us. (Corowa Distilling Co.)

Luke Shanahan – Little Fibs (NZ Post)

Tim Bullock – New–Australia Land (Meat and Livestock Australia)


Best Direction in an Online Drama Series

Husein Alicajic – One Sided // The Acquired Inability To Escape


Best Direction in an Online Comedy Series

Max Miller- Aunty Donna: Glennridge Secondary College

Michael O’Neill – Australia’s Best Street Car Racer

Miley Tunnecliffe – Molly and Cara

Eliza Reilly – Sheilas


Best Direction in a Documentary Short Subject

Dr. Karen Pearlman – I Want To Write A Film About Women

Stefan Bugryn – War Mothers: Unbreakable

Logan Much – We’re All In This together

Rob Innes – Youth On Strike!


Best Direction in a Music Video

Lucy Knox – I’m Not Afraid (Artist: G Flip)

Lucy Knox – If I Could Give You (Artist: Clare Bowditch)

Matthew Thorne – The Only Boy Racer Left On The Island (Artist: The Howl & The Hum)

Nick Waterman – Ready (Artist: Montaigne)

Riley Blakeway – Whenever You Are (Artist: Kodaline)


Best Direction in an Interactive or Immersive Title

Matthew Sleeth – A Drone Opera – 3 Channel Gallery Installation


Best Direction in a Short Film

Simon Croker – All Good Things

Melissa Anastasi – Chlorine

Sam Lara – Featherweight

Michael Shanks – Rebooted

Lydia Rui – This Perfect Day

Lewis Attey – Three Stories Inside a Rental Van