Genevieve named as one of the University of Technology’s ‘Towering 10’ alumni

May 2015

Genevieve Clay-Smith

Bachelor of Arts in Communications – Media Arts and Production, 2009

Co-founder, Taste Creative

Genevieve Clay-Smith believes that you can’t understand someone’s full potential until you give them a chance to rise to the occasion.

The multi award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur, who was named 2015 NSW Young Australian of the Year, is using her filmmaking talents to help diverse and marginalised communities voice their experiences through short film.

Through her not-for-profit organisation Bus Stop Films – which she runs on a volunteer basis – Clay-Smith hosts weekly filmmaking workshops and provides mentorship and learning opportunities for people facing barriers to inclusion.

“Inclusion in society is not just a human right. I wanted to help people who face barriers to inclusion get involved in filmmaking and engage in an industry that is notoriously difficult to participate in.”

Clay-Smith is also co-founder of Taste Creative, an agency focussed on artistry and storytelling.