More than a Policy

2017 – Writer/Director
Educational and Branded Content
3 minutes
Client – Uber Australia


Uber’s driver-partners are independent contractors and accessibility training is not a requirement to drive on the Uber platform. The challenge therefore, is to create a video that is both educational and emotionally engaging, so driver-partners will be encouraged to not only view the video of their own accord, but to also heed the anti-discrimination message. We also needed to consider how this message would be communicated to viewers with English as their second language and how to dispel stigmas associated with dogs being ‘dirty pets’. The service animals needed to be viewed as well trained working animals with a purpose and function to perform.

The idea? Tell the story of a high achieving person who requires a service animal. Through implementing the storytelling device of a ‘twist’ at the end of the film, we positioned a guide dog as an integral part to helping this person achieve their goals.

The resulting film is a surprising story that reveals the importance of service animals. We elevate the animal to being more than just an animal, but a hard working colleague. Our tag was ‘More Than a Policy’ to further elevate the animal’s status in the messaging of the video.


Producer: Briana Miller
DOP: Henry Smith
Editor & Colourist: Javed Sterrit
Account Manager: Libby Sinclair
Production Company: Taste Creative

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