More than a policy – UBER

2013 – Director/ Copywriter

Client – UBER

Taste Creative Agency campaign

Uber wanted to communicate to their drivers that service dogs are not pets. Service dogs are actually incredible work colleagues that help people with no vision to achieve their goals and go about their lives.

Head over Heels

2015 – Director/ Writer

Client – Aussie Strata Storage

Taste Creative Agency campaign

I was tasked with creating some branded content to engage with Aussie Strata clients and wider audiences, this was a fun piece to create!

Create Your Future

2015 – Director/ Writer

Client – NDCO

Taste Creative Agency campaign

Branded content used to showcase various ways that NDCO can help their clients create their future and support them at various phases of work and study. My approach was to have the central figure leading the audience, always with their back facing towards us, in order to give the sense of them moving towards the future and that we, the audience are following them through their journey. At the end of the films there is a catharsis, when they face the audience confidently and boldly, revealing who they are, giving the audience the sense that the future for them is bright and assured

Instead of using a traditional ‘talking head’ interview, I decided to focus on imagery to convey the lives of the characters and use stylised documentary techniques to produce a visually beautiful piece which I believed would be more engaging. The central character’s voice over is used to guide the audience through the journey and give insight into their life. The scripts were written based on actual NDCO clients and their experiences, and all central figures in the film are those real people who generously participated in the production.

Inclusion Inc.

2014 – Director/ Writer

Client – NAB

Taste Creative Agency campaign

National Australia Bank wanted to get employees talking about inclusion and diversity in the workplace and get comfortable with disability. For help, they came to Taste. When I was being briefed, I was instantly reminded of the late  Stella Young’s TED Talk “I Am Not your Inspiration,” which used humour to help people get comfortable with disability and help them understand that just because a person might have a disability, doesn’t automatically make them inspiring.

As a result, I wrote and directed Inclusion Inc, a collection of three short films, designed to make people laugh about the things that might usually make us feel unfamiliar or awkward. The mockumentary genre was the perfect vehicle to engage and entertain people, so that they didn’t feel ‘lectured’ to but rather, were inspired to talk and laugh together. I believe that through laughing, we learn what’s appropriate and what’s not and we feel confident to reach out and move forward.

Watch the making of:

The Freedom to Live

2014 – Creative Director/ Co-Director/ Copywriter

Client – Aussie Strata Storage

Taste Creative Agency campaign

An advertisement for Aussie Strata Storage, using emotion and storytelling at the centre of the work.

Anglicare’s Winter Appeal

2014 – Creative Director/ Director/ Copywriter

Client – Anglicare

Taste Creative Agency campaign

Anglicare needed to inform their stakeholders about the way their services have been impacting lives for the better. Without the use of talking heads, I conceived, creative directed and wrote this testimonial piece, inspired by true events and designed to put the audience in the shoes of the beneficiary.

Where it all Began

2014 – Creative Director/ Copywriter

Client – Baker and McKenzie

Taste Creative Agency campaign

Backer and McKenzie needed a way to celebrate their 50th birthday in Australia. I conceptualised this slick promo for that needed to showcase the company’s prestige, excellence and also their pride in how the firm began.

I’m A Champion campaign TVC & webvideos

2013 – Creative Director/ Director/ Copywriter

Client – Special Olympics

Taste Creative Agency campaign

It was an honour to work with the Special Olympics to help raise awareness about, and funds for, the 2013 Asia Pacific Games. I conceptualised the campaign strap-line ‘I’m A Champion’ and embodied the roles of creative director, director and copywriter for the TVC. I led an inclusive filmmaking strategy, whereby we executed the TVC and web-videos with people with disabilities. I brought students from the Bus Stop Films, filmmaking course into the process of making the eight Special Olympics athlete profile videos, and two students were employed as production assistants on the set of the I’m A Champion TVC.

check out the behind the scenes here:

Watch one of the eight web videos.


The Real Stories Project

2013 – Director/ Copywriter

Client – Australia Post

Taste Creative Agency campaign

7% of Australia Post employees have a disability and this was something they were keen to raise awareness about amongst all their staff. Instead of creating a ‘run of the mill’ training resource, I worked with our team at Taste Creative to conceptualise an internal campaign whereby were would harness the power of people’s personal stories. Employees would be invited to submit an anecdote about a positive experience to do with inclusion in the workforce, into the Real Stories Competition, where the winning film would be turned into a short film.

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