Under the Sun

2016 – Writer / Director

6 x 5 minute webisodes


A group of unlikely friends enter a small town talent quest in celebration of Harmony Day.

Episode #1 The Meeting

Episode #2 Friendship

Episode #3 What’s in a Name?

Episode #4 The Show Must Go On

Episode #5 Stage Fright

Episode #6 Curtain Call

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Heartbreak and Beauty

2015 – Creative Director / Director

14 minutes


Heartbreak & Beauty is an experimental short film that explores how we are all connected through our shared human experiences of love and loss. Expressed through visual metaphor, dance and poetry, twelve people living with an intellectual disability give their perspective on what it means to be human.

Over 10 months I held weekly filmmaking workshops with 12 students with an intellectual disability at Bus Stop Films, with the vision to create a poetic and emotive short film that expressed the their experiences. Through creative development workshops, we started exploring themes surrounding the the idea, that as humans, we are all connected through our shared experiences of love and loss, no matter who we are or where we are from.

9 of the students decided to perform in the film, 3 decided that they’d like to direct. I mentored three students in the role of director through the rehearsal process as well as on set.

The result is an authentic and moving portrayal of what it means to be human, told through dance, poetry and visual metaphor.


Watch the trailer

See the making of


Work Mate

2014 – Writer/ Director

16 minutes


“When an introverted office worker is invited by his work mate with a vision impairment to go cycling, he tries desperately to find a way out of it.”

A piece of branded content I wrote and directed for Australia Post’s Real Stories Project – (find out more about the campaign under ‘commercial’ in this website.)

This film was inspired by the true story of an Australia Post employee with a vision impairment who lives life to the full. It will be used as a training resource to raise awareness about the importance of inclusion in the workforce, as well as this, it will be showcased at various community screenings to give voice to the importance of inclusive employment.

Watch the trailer

See some highlights

I Am Emmanuel

2013 – Writer/ Director/ Co-Producer

20 minutes

Experimental, dance-drama

“Emmanuel is determined to not let the past define his future. After fleeing from war-torn Sudan with his family, he finds his new life comes with many opportunities, and equally, many challenges.”

I Am Emmanuel is a poetic short film, created in collaboration with members from the South Sudanese community. The film explores the issues that many refugees face in settlement including diaspora, post traumatic stress, isolation, depression as well as language and educational barriers.

I Am Emmanuel had it’s world premier at Palm Springs Shortfest and was featured at Parramatta Riverside Theatres during Refugee Week. To read more about the film, check out this coverage in the filmink article, Walk the Talk


See our ‘making of documentary’ where all the voices behind the project come together to share their thoughts on why they are passionate about the film. I also explain my approach and process behind directing the film.

The Interviewer

2012 – Project conceptualisation/ Facilitator/  Co-Writer/ Co-Director

12 minutes


“Thomas Howell gets more than the bargained for in his interview at a prestigious law firm; an insult about his tie, a rendition of Harry Potter and the chance to change the lives of a father and son.”

The Interviewer is an award winning inclusive short film, made through our Bus Stop Films, filmmaking program. The film was devised with 12 people living with a disability, all of whom actively participated in the development of the film and were mentored through the process of making the film with professional mentors.

I mentored the film’s co-director and helped to facilitate an environment that supported the Bus Stop Films students with an intellectual disability to actively engage writing the film and making the film together as a team.

The film has won over 30 international awards, and screened over 37 film festivals.


see more at http://www.busstopfilms.com.au

Watch the trailer.

See how we made it.

See the showcase where our students celebrated the finished product.



2010 – Director/ Co-Writer

13 minutes


“Two people with disabilities, navigate through the challenges they’re faced with when their relationship is displayed in public at the local swimming pool.”

A short film developed in Canberra for the ‘Through a Different Lens Project’. I facilitated an inclusive filmmaking strategy to include people with a disability in the conceptualisation, development and execution of the film.

Beautiful has screened at the United Nations and over 15 international film festivals. It is currently being used as an educational and training resource within a variety of corporate organisations and service providers.


Frances and Annie

2009 – Writer/ Director

8 minutes


“When a young woman drops by to greet her new neighbours, her preconceptions of who is responsible for a horrendous tragedy hinges on a face and a note.”

An inclusive short film, inspired by the pre-conceptions people have of what it means to have a disability. When researching one-day I picked up the dictionary to see how it defined disability, within the explanation, it described disability as tragic. This disturbed me – how can we label some one’s life as tragic simply because of a difference? Many of the people I knew and still know today who have a disability are living full and rich lives. So I created a film designed to confront audiences with what their preconceptions actually are.

Frances and Annie has screened nationally and internationally at numerous film festivals including, the Other Film Festival, Dungog International Film Festival, and won Best Script at the Bondi Short Film Festival.


Be My Brother

2009 – Writer/ Director/ Co-producer

7 minutes


“A young man’s charm and charisma challenges the prejudices of a stranger at a bus stop.”

Winner of best film and best male actor at Tropfest 2009, Be My Brother was our first ever inclusive short film. I felt strongly that if we were going to make a film about a person with a disability, we needed to make it with people with a disability. We held a workshop two weeks prior to the shoot, with four people with a disability, who each participated as crew members on set.

Be My Brother is currently used as an educational and training resource within a variety of corporate organisations on the subject of inclusivity and working with people with a disability. It’s also used as a related text for the Higher School Certificate within schools across NSW.


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