Growing up in Newcastle, my fondest memory from childhood is writing a fantasy novel. Filled with inspiration and eager to empty my imagination onto the page, I happily sacrificed many of my lunches at school in favour of filling my exercise books with a wild story, about heroism, courage, hope and good triumphing over evil.

Now, I continue my passion for creating stories that embody meaningful and universal messages. My work is underpinned by social advocacy, humanitarian themes and an approach to film language that is designed to emotionally engage audiences through pathos and humour.


As the co-founder and CEO of Bus Stop Films, I’m dedicated to building a sustainable social enterprise that provides education, training and mentorship opportunities for people from diverse and marginalised communities, so that they can learn about and be involved in the film industry.

As a co-owner of Taste Creative, I’m dedicated to the creative excellence of our company and our ability to be moving ahead of trends. I’m also committed to involving students from Bus Stop Films in gaining work experience and paid employment opportunities on our film sets.



As a filmmaker, I’m interested in telling stories from diverse Australian communities in order to give representation to them within our cinematic landscape. I believe that by sharing the experiences of diverse communities through engaging cinematic stories we can cultivate inclusion within our society. My desire is to foster understanding and compassion amongst audiences through giving them access to different human perspectives.

As a key-note speaker, I’m most happy when my story and my work can help to inspire others, as to what is possible.



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